A Trustworthy Special Needs Daycare in Batavia, OH

At Carla's Kids Daycare, we strive to provide quality care for all children, including children on the autism spectrum and little ones with other disabilities. Carla and Mark started our center to:


Provide a structured/predictable environment through the use of visual supports, such as a picture schedule.

Provide an environment to practice social skills and other critical skills used in learning.

We use the TEACH method to structure learning activities.


When you bring your son or daughter to our special needs daycare in Batavia, OH, they will be in safe, responsible hands. Our attentive and compassionate staff make sure all of our kids receive the best possible childcare. We do what it takes to enhance your child’s emotional, social, mental, and physical development while they are with us.

Collaborative Care

We take your child’s growth and education very seriously. Because of this, we are happy to work with your son’s or daughter's special education teacher or Individualized Education Program (IEP) to carry over their practicing skills. This way, your little one can continue to advance in their school setting.


Our licensed caregivers are open to doing this for every child, including children with behavioral needs. Each of our trained caregivers has learned the proper policies and procedures to work with these boys and girls effectively. We guide them with care and treat them fairly so that we can keep harmony in our daycare.

Safety First

Carla’s Kids Daycare takes keeping our little ones’ safety very seriously. For this reason, daycare services are tailored to ensure your child is fully protected while they are with us. We supervise them closely from when they arrive until they are back in your care. Additionally, we provide them a protective environment in which to learn and interact with their peers. To make this possible:


  • Electrical Outlets Are Covered
  • Cleaning Supplies Are in a Secure Place
  • A First Aid Kit Is Available at All times
  • Our Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers Are up to Date
  • All Toys Are Cleaned and Checked for Safety


You can count on our professionals to return your child to you safe and sound. We look forward to welcoming your little one into our special needs daycare. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our services. We are happy to answer them for you.



Contact us to learn more about our special needs daycare. We offer daycare services for children in Batavia, OH, and the surrounding areas.