Special Needs Daycare in Batavia, OH, with a Focus on Family


To be an affordable family-oriented childcare center in Batavia, OH, to parents with typical children and those that require special needs childcare.


To provide affordable family-centered in-home daycare services to single parents and couples working to provide a stable, financially responsible, education-entered, God-loving household to their children and themselves.

Company Values

We're proud our daycare center is one of the few to provide services for children with special needs. However, with our background, we are uniquely qualified to provide special needs daycare in Batavia, OH.

Carla and Mark attended Wright State University. During that time, the couple found employment in the Office of Disability Services and are well-versed in helping those with special needs.

We continued to work with people with special needs, even after graduation. Carla took a job with LADD. Mark began working as a Special Education teacher with the Hamilton County Developmental Disability Services.

How Can We Serve

Service has been essential to us over the dozen years we've known each other. As we talked about what we could do, it came to us that providing daycare services to families was a priority. With our center's opening, we believe we're fulfilling part of our mission on this earth. Part of that is using our skills and schooling to assist children with disabilities.

Our daycare provides these services:

  • Standard Daycare
  • Before & Afterschool Care
  • Respite Care
  • IEP/ESY Program

The IEP/ESY Program provides for the needs of children with disabilities, helping them meet educational goals. We can work with your child's ESY teacher to coordinate efforts.

Growing Our Service

We're committed to our mission of service. In the future, we plan to grow this by offering a path to prosperity for families. This will involve expanding what we do.

A new goal is to provide affordable housing and educational assistance to single parents and couples. We want to work with these families so they can offer their children stability and education while meeting their needs and sharing the love of God.