Kids’ & Parents’ Favorite Daycare Center in Batavia, OH

Welcome to Carla’s Kids Daycare—the daycare trusted by hardworking parents across the local area. At our daycare center in Batavia, OH, we understand that it’s difficult to say goodbye to your kids every morning, especially when you’d rather just stay home with them for some extra hugs. However, the reality is that you have a job to get to. Our aim is to ease your worries by creating a loving, educational, and supportive atmosphere where your kids can thrive. You’ll breathe a little easier knowing that your children are in the best hands at our in-home daycare.

A Place to Learn, Grow, & Play

We’re always working hard to provide your kids with the perfect balance of positive interactions, learning opportunities, and playtime. Our drop-in daycare is a place where kids can build relationships with their peers, explore their creativity through arts and crafts, and participate in educational activities for all learning levels.

Special Needs Childcare

Having a child with unique needs makes it more difficult to locate a good daycare that can accommodate the special requirements. Here at Carla’s Kids Daycare, we’re proud to be a place where all kids are welcome. Carla and her husband have more than a decade of experience working with children and adults with special needs, including individuals with behavioral issues and those on the Autism spectrum. Count on us for special needs childcare that’s right for your family.

Contact us today for more information about our daycare services. We look forward to meeting you and the kids soon!