Description of Services


Standard Daycare:

Standard Daycare services are provided between 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and any time interval in between. While here, children will be engaged with activities such as free and dramatic play, arts and crafts, interactive games, and learning activities.

Children enrolled in the full-day program will be provided with a breakfast of cold cereal and orange juice, included with weekly payment. We will provide lunch and afternoon snack.

Parents will be provided with a monthly lesson plan outline, so that you will be informed of the activities and programs that your child will be participating in, during a given month. In addition to actively engaging children, on a daily basis, children will participate in a weekly outing to places such as local public parks, or the library. Children will also be taken to inexpensive outings such as a treat at McDonald’s.  



Before and After school Care:

Before school care runs from 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. Afterschool care runs from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. Participating children will be provided with a breakfast of cold cereal and orange juice (a.m. program) or an after school snack (p.m. program).

Program staff will provide homework assistance when possible. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in free play or structured small group activities.

Transportation may be provided as needed. Ask for details concerning these possibilities.


Respite Care:

This childcare option was created for parents of children with disabilities. Through this program, we work to provide affordable care for parents in need of time to rest and recuperate from the daily extra responsibilities of raising a child with a disability. This program typically runs on the weekends. However, special times can be set up. Call for details. Children who are part of the respite program will be included with other children in the other programs that run during their respite stay, such as Saturday childcare and evening care.  


Summer Camp Program coming Summer 2012. This will be a summer program for children with Autism and related disabilities.


IEP / ESY Program:

This option allows parents of children with special needs an opportunity for supplemental instruction for their children on specific IEP goals; such as those dealing with communication or living skills.

This program can also provide ESY services for children with IEP goals, that need to be worked on over breaks and the summer months, in order to keep up consistent progress.

We can work with your child’s special education teacher, IEP team and / or school district in order to provide consistency of instruction.

These services will be provided on a specific case by case basis. Ask Carla or Mark Hugenberg for more specific details.