Quality Daycare Center in Batavia, OH

When you work full time, taking your children to daycare every day and saying goodbye is never easy. Most would rather stay at home for extra hugs throughout the day, but the reality is, you have a job to go to, and your little ones tend to need new clothes as they grow.

Finding the right daycare center, however, that gives your children the right balance of frequent, positive interactions from their caregiver that they receive at home is also tough. You want a daycare provider that interacts with your children teaches them and allows them to explore and be creative through crafts and play. 

We are a Special Needs Childcare Center as Well
Having a child with special needs who require different care makes it tougher to locate a good daycare that specializes in the needs of your child. Check out the unexpected perks of sending your kids to Carla’s Kids Daycare. Carla and her husband have been working with children and adults with special needs for well over ten years.

We run an in-home daycare center in Batavia, Ohio that provides childcare services for both typical children as well as those with special needs. Whether your child has behavioral needs, to those on the Autism Spectrum, we are excited to provide specialized daycare services for families with children with our special needs childcare.

At Carla’s Kids Daycare, we have created a great place to learn sharing, how to start relationships with peers, as well as educational skills for all learning levels. So breathe a little easier the next time someone tries to make you feel guilty for being a hard-working parent knowing your children are in fantastic hands.

Contact us today to find out more about our home daycare and for more information about our drop-in daycare services we offer. We proudly serve Batavia, OH and the surrounding areas.